The Vivienne Foundation partners with NGOs to create a better society and halt climate change.

We are built upon four inextricably linked pillars of change – halt climate change, stop war, defend human rights and protest capitalism. We seek to raise awareness and fundraise for organisations aligned with Vivienne’s mission to save the world.

Tomorrow is too late.

Our Impact

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donated to support CAAT's legal battle to stop arming Saudi Arabia
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donated to Refugee Council's Age Disputes Programme
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pledged to War Child's Emergency Relief Fund

Our Partners​

Vivienne was a longstanding supporter of War Child’s work to protect children in conflicts around the world. She designed this card in support of their campaign to Stop Arming Saudi. The card sits within the clubs suit, all of which represent Stop War.
UK-made weapons are implicated in attacks on civilians in Yemen. War starts on your doorstep, it can end here too. Thats why we are supporting @caatuk in their legal battle to stop the UK sale of arms to Saudi Arabia to be used in the war in Yemen.
Vivienne was a longstanding support of CAAT’s fight for a just world, where conflict is resolved without the use of force. She campaigned tirelessly against the arms trade; from raising awareness, to donating generously to aligned causes, to direct action protesting outside the world’s largest arms fair, the DSEI, which is held in London. Vivienne always remained true to her mission to Stop War. That is why we are supporting @caatuk in its fight against the UK government’s sale of arms to Saudi Arabia.