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Ahead of today’s “The Big One” we thought we’d share a previous speech of Vivienne’s at an Extinction Rebellion outside the Brazilian Embassy discussing her ROT$ Graphic we shared earlier in the week. Speaking on points that retain their relevance and even more important today.
Vivienne’s ROT$ graphic. Highlighting The rotten financial system that she believed was so intrinsically linked to climate change.
Ben Westwood representing the Foundation spoke at a carnival in support of Julian Assange and Wikileaks. 

“He fights for democracy by revealing official secrets & conversations behind the screen, for without facts, how can the truth be found & how can informed decisions be made by the people?
The very allowance of the idea of ‘classified secrets’ is a corruption of democracy. However, it is the modus operandi of our present, undemocratic system, conveniently there to hide anything it wants to under the guise of protecting ‘our national interests’, we are told.
How easy this makes it to manipulate the people. 
In a democracy there should be no secrets. Any government needs to be completely transparent.
Why should the people not be involved directly with their own interests. National or otherwise?
It turns out that Julian’s Wikileaks reveals the answer to this. The national interests do not support the people. They support private interests. The national bit is just there to provide the excuse to hide the truth.
& war is the worst example of this “All wars start from a lie”, I’ve heard my mother say.
War is also a very convenient method to suspend & modify people’s democratic rights & to restrict information & without this it is easy to manufacture a war. Catch22.
These days whenever I hear a Western Leader speaking in praise of democracy or espousing the right of journalistic freedom as in the recent case of arrested Belarusian journalist Roman Protasevich, I am disgusted & want to shout ‘Julian Assange’ at them for their hypocritical, double-talk. It’s a shame that no journalist will do this, although the example of Chris Hedges illustrates why they don’t.
This double-talk is also illustrated by the recent report from the UN regarding China & it’s treatment of the Uyghurs. Western governments jumped on this, espousing the merits of the UN, however, when Nils Meltzer, UN Rapporteur on Torture demanded the immediate release & compensation of Julian, the British government said the UN should mind its own business.
These people have only their own rotten interests in mind & none in democracy.
The world needs Julian.”
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