Halt climate change

Halting climate change is our priority.

We are in a climate crisis and if the status quo persists we face mass extinction. We see the media and politicians treating climate change its own separate issue, yet it is connected to everything.


Our strategy is to simultaneously cut global emissions and deforestation, as well as to protect and restore the natural world around us. We will focus on rainforests, oceans and biodiversity in our first phase.

To achieve our aims, we raise money and awareness for NGOs that are experts in these areas, with a focus on elevating grassroots organisations.


For decades, Vivienne supported and donated generously to a number of climate change organisations, from large charities with a global reach, to grassroots activist groups.

Vivienne supported Cool Earth in its efforts to save the rainforest by putting local communities at the centre of the solution. Vivienne also campaigned and fundraised for grassroots organisations, like the Environmental Justice Foundation and Farms not Factories.

Vivienne was a longstanding ambassador for Greenpeace and in 2013 designed their official ‘Save the Artic’ logo. In 2015, she launched a global campaign to stop drilling and industrial fishing. She was also an effective campaigner against the fracking industry in the UK and was instrumental in preventing the industry’s plans.

Our Partners