Stop War

Our Campaign

We have partnered with three NGOs — CAAT, War Child and Refugee Council — to raise awareness and fundraise for tangible results in an effort to Stop War and alleviate the suffering caused by it. The campaign utilises Vivienne’s platform to raise awareness on both the impacts of war and governments’ complicity in associated human rights abuses.

The Cause

War devastates the lives of millions of people worldwide, including our future generation of children. It leads to the mass displacement of people, who often take dangerous journeys due to the lack of safe and legal routes.

Governments around the world are also complicit in human rights abuses relating to war. They continue to sell arms to and support countries committing human rights atrocities against civilians. Take, for example, the UK government’s sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, which have been implicated in attacks on civilians in the ongoing war in Yemen.

Refugee Council

Working to protect and support refugees and people seeking asylum.

We have pledged £25k to support Refugee Council’s Age Disputes Project. This funding will help more children to be rightly identified as such, giving them access to the UK government support they are entitled to. Follow this link for more information.

refugee council

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)

Working for a just world, where conflict is resolved without the use of force.

We have donated £10k to help CAAT in its legal battle against the UK government’s sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. These weapons have been used to bomb innocent civilians in Yemen, which is in breach of international law #YemeniLivesMatter. Follow this link for more information.

War Child

The only specialist charity for children affected by conflict.

We have pledged £25k to War Child’s Emergency Relief Fund. This funding will help children in crisis when disaster strikes, such as the outbreak of war or the rapid deterioration of a conflict situation. Follow this link for more information.

Our Impact

donated to support CAAT's legal battle to stop arming Saudi Arabia
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donated to Refugee Council's Age Disputes Programme
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pledged to War Child's Emergency Relief Fund
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